Fishing Style

The Lower Laguna Madre lends itself to countless days of sight casting. Stalking fish on super shallow flats, by means of skiff poling, is really the ultimate challenge. If you like the idea of taking a lighter approach to shallow water angling, then you will enjoy these offerings in a guided fishing trip… Although more challenging, you will find it to be a sporting and rewarding experience.

We’ll fish from an ultra shallow water skiff, the bay waters of the Lower Laguna Madre, for mainly redfish & trout.  Every trip is personalized for your experience, from the eager beginner to the expert angler.

Fly fishing- Sight-casting to redfish and trout will be the primary fishing tactic. You will be poled in one to one-half foot of water or less while you scan the water for any abnormal movement. You can expect to see tailing and backing fish, singles, double, small pods of 6-8 fish, and sometimes a large school. As the sun rises higher, you’ll then be able to distinguish the actual body of the fish.  The challenge comes when you’re faced with, placing the fly in a ‘dinner plate’ sized area or smaller… then stripping the fly to evoke a strike!

Ultra light, long rod, spin trip –
As with fly fishing, this will be 95% sight casting.  You’ll be utilizing an 8 1/2 – 10 ft, slow – moderate action, specialized spin rod, coupled with 4 lb IGFA line.  In many ways, this ultra light approach is just as challenging as fly fishing.

Plug fishing –This is a ‘bass style’ approach to fishing for red fish & trout. You will be utilizing 6-7 1/2 ft super light, fast action rods with 6 lbs test with mostly top water lures with some plastic baits.

Snook fishing trip – Either on the fly or spinning. Best, May – October.

  • All tackle provided. SWA Guide Service uses only artificial lures and flies, and supplies its customers with high quality light-tackle and fly fishing equipment
  • Packed lunch provided on full day trips
  • To allow for a more personalized trip, all trips are based on 1-2 anglers
  • Fishing times may be altered to accommodate  travel plans, weather, tides, etc.
  • Call for info on groups, lessons or lodging.